Windsor Vac Pac 
Vac Pac™
Labor-saving productivity in a comfortable back vacuum.


    Six and ten quart capacities to accomodate different operators and job requirements.

    Light weight and comfortable harness system makes the job easier.

    Power Switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator.

    A kit of most-used tools comes standard with the machine.

    Quiet operation prevents disruptive cleaning.


Tool kit included to further simplify any vacuuming job.


Vacuum Motor: VP6 and VP10: 1.7 hp (1295 watts), flow through design with internal thermal protection with 104 inch (264 cm) waterlif and 112 cfm of airflow
Filter Bag: Four layers of filtration for debris:
Paper Bag 2
Cloth Bag 1
Vacuum Filter 1
Construction: Moled polyethylene housing
Sound Level: 67 dBA
Width: VP6 and VP10: 8.8 inches (22 cm)
Height: VP6: 19.8 inches (50.2 cm)
VP10: 23.7 inches (60.2 cm)
Weight: VP6: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) VP10: 11 lbs. (5 kg)

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