Machinery  Automatic Scrubbers   
Windsor Saber™ Glide
From the longest aisle to the tightest corner, Saber Glide cleans everywhere fast.
Windsor Saber™ Cutter
Custom fit and factory built to increase productivity in your facility

Windsor Saber™ Cutter with Squeeze Play™ 

Automatic Floor Scrubber with Squeeze Play



Windsor Saber Compact 17
Custom-design flexibility to increase productivity at your facility.
Windsor Saber™ Compact 20
Reliable and durable with the features you need to increase productivity and efficiency.
Windsor Flex 3™
The speed and maneuverability you need
Windsor Saber Blade 12
Clean anywhere with this compact, lightweight, 12" upright micro-scrubber
Windsor Saber Blade 16
Compact, powerful 16" micro-scrubber
Windsor Saber Compact 16 SP
16" automatic disc scrubber. Compact, maneuverable design adds productivity in hard to reach areas.
Windsor Saber Compact 22
22" Automatic Disc Scubber. Compact size with full performance - ideal for cleaning medium to large-sized jobs.

Windsor Saber Compact 22SP
22" Automatic Cylindrical Scrubber. Compact size with full performance - ideal for medium to large-sized jobs.

Windsor Chariot iScrub 20
The newest member of Windsor's stand-on family.






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