Green Chemicals  Hillyard Arsenal 808 Super Shine-All

Arsenal Super Shine-All® Concentrate is a concentrated formulation of the original Super Shine-All that has been an industry leading cleaner for nearly 90 years. Now the legend is part of the convenient, versatile Arsenal Cleaning System.

Super Shine-All's unparalleled cleaning ability lies in its sixfold action: wetting, penetration, sudsing, dissolving, emulsifying, and suspending. In other words, soil is broken up quickly and held in solution for easy removal. The faster and more efficiently a product works, the less labor required to do the cleaning job.

As a neutral cleaner, Super Shine-All is ideal for damp mopping or auto-scrubbing of virtually all types of flooring. Super Shine-All will not harm your floor or finish, and it's biodegradable. Plus Super Shine-All does not contain phosphates, free alkali, or ammonia.

Super Shine-All Concentrate has a pleasant sassafras fragrance. It is effective in hard or soft, and hot or cold water. It is NSF authorized in category A-4, and is classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.®, as to slip resistance, 186S. This product is under the Ner Tamid "K" Kosher Supervision and is kosher. This product meets Green Seal's environmental standard for industrial and institutional cleaners based on its reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. Cleaning...By The Numbers The Arsenal line of products delivers Hillyard cleaning quality in an easy-to-dispense, easy-to-use family of products. Arsenal products are formulated for professional cleaning and are color coded with large matching numbers on both the concentrated and ready-to-use container labels for easy mixing and use. Ask your Hillyard representative about the complete line of Arsenal professional cleaning products. They are just another example of high quality from Hillyard.

 Available in:  APCH80806  -  4x1 Gallons
APCH80894  -  36/4oz Packettes
APCHAJ80822  - 6 1/2 Gallon Arsenal

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