Tools & Equipment  Proform Mats
Proform has an array of solutions that will work for a partially covered or completely outside area even in the harshest weather. Rubber, vinyl, natural, & synthetic matting matched to meet your unique needs and conditions. Custom logos, addresses and colors too…we’ll make it perfect just for you!
From simple stock squares and oblongs to special shapes, sizes, edging and custom finishing details, Proform will assist you or your design team in implementing the right solution for your lobby.
Your lobby is the first impression made on clients, guests, employees, tenants, & customers. Proform is here to help…every step of the way!

From stock runners to matting cut on site to fit your reception desk or security area, Proform can help you implement a solution that meets your design and budgetary necessities.

Recessed Well
Proform can either professionally install matting in recessed wells or provide you with the material and know-how to do-it-yourself. We have numerous mat styles of differing heights and can fill recessed wells with cement, patch, or cement board to bring the well to the appropriate depth. Choices are an extensive set of possibilities; roll goods, carpet tiles, natural coco, carpet track, and solid rubber…and colors to match any façade or design need.

Proform recommends wall-to-wall installations in vestibules to create safe and attractive entrances. Our recommended products are roll goods, carpet tiles, carpet track, or natural coco matting. Installations can be glue down or loose lay depending you’re your specific circumstances and traffic needs.

Work Area
Proform has a wide array of products including anti-fatigue, non slip surfaces, color coding, and water protection for every application.