Green Chemicals  Kaipow Multipurpose Cleaner

Kaipow is a general purpose degreaser that rapidly penetrates oils, greases, fats and soils. It is designed for the Kaivac No-Touch Cleaning System

Features Include:

  • High quality low-viscosity chemicals designed for No-Touch Cleaning
  • Full range of chemicals for cleaning, disinfecting, degreasing, or spotting
  • Safety cap system controls usage and keeps workers safe

  • Built-in check valve prevents back-flow into chemical bottle
  • Color-coded tips control accurate metering of our chemicals from 1, 2, 4, 8, and 20 ounces per gallon
  • Built-in filter prevents contamination of chemical injector, pump and spray gun
  • Deeply colored to ensure visibility in the chemical line and at the gun so you know they’re working
  • Low foaming and free rinsing for fast, spot-free drying
  • Designed to attack specific soils inherent in various settings, like restrooms, kitchens, industrial, healthcare, schools and more
  • Exclusive use of Kaivac chemicals increases the life span of our machines, so we extend your warranty

Available in: 

APCKP   -     4x1 Gallons per case

MSDS Sheet