Green Chemicals  Hillyard#126 Citric Extra Strength CSP Bowl Cleaner

Hillyard#126 Citric Extra Strength CSP Bowl Cleaner

Citric Extra Strength CSP Cleaner is an extra powerful, heavy-duty cleaner that quickly removes unsightly hard water scale, soap film, rust deposits, urinary salts, and oily residues from ceramic tile, stainless steel, porcelain, and chrome fixtures. Just wipe it on, let it work , and rinse Citric Extra Strength CSP makes heavy-duty renovation quick and easy, saving you both time and money. Hillyard Green Select products are formulated to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce the risk to human health, and at the same time improve worker safety.

Citric Extra Strength CSP is especially formulated to cling to vertical surfaces. Its rich, lotion-like consistency makes it stay where you put it, so its powerful cleaning action stays on the surface longer for uniform, effective cleaning. It also has a special low-foaming formula that makes it easy to rinse. Just flush with water, and it takes stubborn buildup and residue down the drain. It leaves surfaces fresh, clean, and shining. Use Citric Extra Strength CSP in conjunction with Hillyard Q.T.® disinfectant/cleaner and Hillyard Shower Foam® for sparkling clean, odor-free shower rooms and restrooms.

Citric Extra Strength CSP contains no hydrochloric or phosphoric acid and no irritating fumes. Its' a pleasant, light pink, lotion-like liquid with a clean lemon scent. Citric Extra Strength CSP is conveniently packaged in quart containers. (Each case of quarts comes with easy-to-use dispenser caps.) If you are looking for a more effective way to clean, ask your Hillyard sales consultant about Citric Extra Strength CSP and the Hillyard Restroom/Shower Room Program. Just another example of high quality from Hillyard.

Available in: 

BC HXCSP12        12/32oz per case

MSDS Sheet