Green Chemicals  Hillyard #961 Green Select Degreaser/Cleaner

Hillyard Green Select Degreaser

Green Select Degreaser Cleaner is formulated to be non-toxic, phosphate free, biodegradable, and nonflammable, and contains no dye, fragrance, or hazardous ingredients*. Hillyard Green Select products are formulated to minimize the impact on the environment, reduce the risk to human health, and at the same time improve worker safety.

Green Select Degreaser Cleaner will clean walls, kitchen floors, resilient tile, tables, and machinery, and removes tough, greasy soil from any surface not harmed by water. Better cleaning efficiency is achieved by using a unique combination of environmentally preferred surfactants. Formulated to be effective with cold water, which is better for the environment because it uses less energy.

No volatile organic compounds, no fragrance, no dye means Green Select Degreaser Cleaner has a positive effect on good indoor air quality. No phosphates and biodegradable means it has a lower impact on the environment than many comparable degreasers. Green Select Degreaser Cleaner is conveniently packaged in one and five gallon containers, plus Hillyard Arsenal® gallons and half gallons. Ask your Hillyard consultant about the benefits of cleaning with Green Select Degreaser Cleaner.

Available in:  4x1 Gallons per case

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