Tools & Equipment  Hillyard C2 Touch-Free Cleaning Companion 
Designed for high-value daily use.
  • The C2 is self contained, compact, light weight and highly maneuverable.
  • Virtually set-up free, add water and the C2 is ready to work, eliminating unproductive set-up time.
  • Extremely quiet, the C2 can perform anytime, 24/7 to maximize cleaning assets.
  • The ½ gallon per minute flow rate delivers the right amount of solution, eliminating over-saturation.
  • C2 saves water, chemical and recovery time when compared to machines with higher flow rates.
  • Eliminating over-saturation means no vac required.
  • Simply squeegee solution to the drain and
    vac-tank clean out is a thing of the past.
  • The right flow rate coupled with a 14 gallon clean water tank provides best-in-class run-time
    without stopping to refill.

Battery Operated, On-board Charging

  • No tangled cords, minimizing work hazards.

  • Freedom to get the job done quickly.

  • Up to 3 hours of run-time on a charge.

Seal Right, Dual Product Dilution Control

  • Control costs. Reduce chemical hazards and maintenance headaches.

  • New dilution control tips are safely sealed
    in each new refill.

  • Refills attach with a secure threaded connection.


Dual Action Application

  • Apply chemical with low pressure, flip the nozzle,
    rinse with 125 psi pressure, minimizing over-spray.

  • Eliminate the need for high-pressure blasting when
    the effective C2 system is used daily.

Available in: 
EQ HC2 -  Hillyard C2 Cleaning Companion


C2 Formulations

Hillyard C2 refills have been specifically designed to perform in the C2 Cleaning Companion.

Each refill contains a valve that matches the requirements of the C2, battery-powered pump system, insuring accurate dilution rates and high performance.

All C2 refills come packed in convenient ½ gallon containers, 6 per case.

SUPROX™ - HIL0070422   

  • 8% concentrate hydrogen peroxide base

  • All-around cleaner & deodorizer

  • Brightens & maintains grout

MARINER® - HIL0070222

  • Powerful blend of citric and phosphoric acids

  • Ideal for use as a restroom cleaner

  • Removes stubborn mineral deposits and soap film


  • Cleaner AND disinfectant

  • Blend of phosphoric and oxalic acid

  • Removes mineral deposits and soap film

RE-JUV-NAL® - HIL0070522

  • Cleaner AND disinfectant

  • Neutral pH won’t harm floor finish



  • Cleaner AND disinfectant

  • Neutral pH won’t harm floor finish


  • Powerful degreaser

  • For use in kitchens

  • NSF rated, category A1


  • Penetrates to loosen oil and water based soils

  • Safe on 5th Generation & Stain Resistant fibers

  • Carpet & Rug Institute approved (CRI)