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For more than 60 years, Crown has been a pioneer of matting, beginning with the invention of walk-off matting by our founder, R.P. Johnson. Our company has the most diverse matting product line offered in our industry.

Recessed Wells
These mats are designed specifically to be place in a recessed well. Recessed well mats allow for proper drainage and are ideal for outdoor, air lock and indoor entrances. They help keep floors clean and dry and aggressively brush off debris and moisture. Recessed well mats should be custom cut on site to ensure that they are trimmed to the exact width and length. Use the links below to find the best recessed well mat for your specific application.

Wiper mats are the best way to remove dust and moisture from shoes. They should be used in combination with a wiper/scraper mat, otherwise dirt and debris can collect on top of the mat. Choose from the carpet-top mats below to find the proper wiper mat for your heavy, medium or light traffic settings

Scraper mats are used for either outdoor or indoor entrances and aggressively scrape dirt, debris and snow from shoes.  Debris is trapped beneath the surface of the mat. Studies show that 70%-80% of the dirt and debris in a facility comes through the front door. When used in conjunction with a wiper or wiper/scraper mat, Crown’s scraper mats help stop dirt at the door. Check the products below for the best scraper mat.

Wiper/scraper mats are designed to clean shoes and absorb moisture. They work best when used following a scraper mat or in conjunction with a wiper mat. When used alone, wiper/scraper mats need to be greater in length to be completely effective. Crown has a vast variety of styles and colors in wiper/scraper mats. Check below to find the perfect mat for your entrance

Office Specialty
Mats used in an office setting are as unique as your office design. From upscale comfort with Crown’s Protura Comfort Mat to protecting carpet from wear and tear with the clear carpet runner, Crown has the right mat for your office.

Other Commercial
Crown has a variety of carpet top products that are stocked and ready to ship. Check the mats below to find a stylish, attractive mat at a great value

Image Products
Imaged Products is a division of Crown Mats and Matting that provides private labels mats.  We know that “First Impressions Only Happen Once” so as people move through your entranceway, give them your best impression. Make sure they remember your business or facility by putting your name, logo, phone number or special message on a variety of mat types. Indoor or outdoor, anti-fatigue or carpet top, Image Products has the mat for you.

Anti-fatigue dry areas (Light-to-medium duty):
The best anti-fatigue matting for dry, light-to-medium areas is a foam product. Thousands of air bubbles create a soft, comfortable cushion. Foam products are not recommended for areas of heavy debris or carts.

Anti-fatigue dry areas (Heavy-duty):
Heavy-duty matting is designed to offer a durable top surface, long wear and fatigue relief. It can withstand light cart traffic and resists cuts and tears.

Anti-fatigue matting for a wet area
Anti-fatigue matting for a wet area provides drainage while elevating the worker thereby creating a safer work environment. Nitrile is blended into several products to add resistance to oils and greases. Since the wet area mats are molded products, often product selection is based on the layout of the area requiring matting.

Anti-fatigue for oily areas
These mats are designed for optimum performance for industrial applications where exposure to grease, oils and fluids is constant. Oily area mats are rated based on the resistance to common fluids and oils used in an industrial environment.

Anti-Static non-conductive
Crown has an anti-static non-conductive mat for a variety of settings. We have a carpet top style for office settings, an anti-fatigue version as well as several mats for an industrial application. They range from 103 – 106 ohms per square and are designed to prevent build-up of static by removing static charge quickly. This matting should not be used in volatile or explosive environments and must be properly grounded at regular intervals. For further details see the product choices below.

Spark-Safe is our anti-fatigue welding mat that is resistant to sparks.

Dura-Shock is produced from recycled rubber and is designed to protect floors from free weights and heavy equipment.

Tile-Lock is also designed to product floors from heavy equipment and free weights but comes in a convenient 2’ x 2’ size that snaps together an easy installation.

Gym-Dandy and Economy Gym-Dandy
is Crown’s solution for protection gym floors from be scuffed and damaged during non-sports usage.

Crown runners come in a variety of surface textures, colors and sizes – with lengths up to 105’! All runners are durable with a range of use from light to heavy-duty applications.