#112-04C  H2Orange 112 Super Concetrate 4x1 H2O112SCCS   -  $80.00
#112-04C  H2Orange 112 Super Concetrate 4x1 H2O112SCCS

ONE cleaning product FOUR ready-to-use dilutions for ALL your cleaning needs. People safe. surface safe, color safe.
 Orange oil penetrates surfaces and breaks down oils.
 Biodegradable surfactants dissolve and suspend soil in water.
 Hydrogen peroxide oxidizes soil and stains, destroys odors, provides color safe beaching and kills bacteria and viruses.
Use Green Light Duty Dilution for: Glass & Stainless Steel; General Floor Mopping; Auto-Scrubbing; and Spray and Wipe Cleaning (Non-food contact surfaces).
Use Blue General Purpose Dilution for: Bathroom floor mopping; Kitchen floor mopping; and Light spot carpet care. Soak spot, let sit for 10 minutes then blot excess.
Use Red Heavy Duty Dilution for: Bathroom Surfaces; Carpet extraction pre-spray; Heavy spot carpet care; Spray and Wipe (food grease and heavy soil). Spray let sit for a few minutes then wipe or scrub clean. (non-food contact surfaces.)
Use Purple Super Duty Dilution for: Toughest soil and grime; Surface renovation; Stubborn stains; Difficult odor destruction; Last cleaning resort.

**Note: This item is past it's expiration date

Packed: 4x1 gallon

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