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The Advanced Butyl-Based Degreaser
That Tackles The Toughest Grease, Oil, Tar, And Grime

Heavy duty industrial degreasing has always presented a major cleaning challenge...until now. With Hillyard’s KA® Industrial Degreaser, you get the impressive results you want quickly and easily. Its state-of the-art formulation goes to work immediately to emulsify and remove the toughest dirt, grease, oil, tar, and grime. KA Industrial Degreaser is the perfect choice for cleaning and degreasing a variety of surfaces and items including air filters, concrete flooring, conveyors, exhaust hoods, walls, metal equipment, and machine parts. It is NSF authorized in Category A1. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.® as to slip resistance (186S).

KA Industrial Degreaser can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the cleaning task. Quart trigger spray bottles are the ideal application for cleaning machine stations in large industrial complexes. For degreasing larger surface areas, KA Industrial Degreaser can be diluted in a mop bucket or automatic scrubber. KA Industrial Degreaser was also designed to work in conjunction with pressure equipment for degreasing heavy soil buildups.

With KA Industrial Degreaser, you get the cleaning performance you need without the harsh chemicals found in many solvent-based cleaners and degreasers. KA Industrial Degreaser relies on the time-proven power of butyl to tackle even the toughest degreasing jobs. For your convenience, KA Industrial Degreaser is packaged in one, five, and 55 gallon containers to fit your cleaning needs. If you have been searching for a fast-acting industrial degreaser, look no further. Contact your Hillyard sales consultant about KA Industrial Degreaser. Just another example of high quality from Hillyard.

Available in:  5 Gal Pails, 55 Gal Pails and 4x1 Gal Cases

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